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Michael & Melissa Bedard

Lead Pastors


Michael & Melissa have been staff pastors at CWC since 1996, and became Lead Pastors in January 2015. The Bedards are passionate about fulfilling God's call and summoning His people to fulfill the Great Commission. While the Bedards are serious about the call, they are down-to-earth and want people to feel valued and loved. It is vital to them that Calvary Worship Center functions in unity, has integrated ministries, and that a strong connection is fostered between the people.

Gary & Barbara Johnson

Assistant Pastors


Gary & Barbara pastored CWC for 28 years before making the move to Assistant Pastors. The Johnson's took this church after Gary's father, B.W. Johnson, pastored here for 33 years. They are passionate about seeing people come to Christ, and they desire to serve the whole family through personal relationships. In light of their Pentecostal heritage, the Johnsons have sought to maintain a Pentecostal worldview at CWC, which is carried on today. Gary's sense of humor and Barbara's sweet spirit make these pastors well loved.

Chip & Lillie Atkeisson

Children's Pastors


Chip & Lillie have relocated back to Corsicana from Lewisville, and they were sent by God to serve at CWC. They have come to us with a passion and a heart for seeing families become strong and healthy. The Atkeissons have a powerful and purposeful ministry for children that is energetic and relevant. They strive to incorporate the vision of the church and ultimately raise our children, not only in the precepts of Christ, but also teaching them about serving in ministry even from a young age. They serve our children well; however, with their heart for healthy families, their focus goes beyond the children to the whole family.

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